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xMotion is a data and services platform for the automotive insurance and aftermarket industries. We collect and aggregate complex data from drivers, their cars and the surrounding environment. Our algorithms establish profiles of driving behaviour, car use and vehicle health. The smart data we generate are available for drivers on xMotion's mobile application, and for our business partners via our online platform.

Expertise du conducteur
Expertise du conducteur
Expertise du conducteur


80% of drivers own a smartphone - the support that has become the default second-screen in the car. While the dashboard proposes a static experience, imposed by the car manufacturer, a smartphone application proposes choice, freedom and confidence for drivers who can control their information and benefit from a high-quality experience that is constantly evolving.
Your business can no longer afford to communicate with its clients without knowing their behaviours and needs. Coupled with the privileged smartphone communication channel, this knowledge will allow you to serve your clients better and more often.


The french market numbers over 37 million cars, and for every 3 cars sold, 2 are used. The car remains a cornerstone of society that costs households 500 euros per month on average, with insurance and maintenance making up a large portion of spend.
xMotion has chosen to use the inbuilt OBD technology, available-as-standard in nearly all cars on the road today and in the future. Right now, your business can access this new source of information to better understand your clients needs and propose them better, personalised services.


A car travels through a varied environment, ever-changing and increasingly interactive.
xMotion understands the importance of combining car and driver data with information about the surrounding environment, in order to develop a more complete picture of your clients needs, and the personalisation of service that you could propose.