The connected car to serve your clients better and more often

Secure and diversify your revenues by remaining connected with your clients and their cars, every day.


Communication ciblée

Target your communication

Optimize your offers and marketing campaigns with personalised messages sent to the right person at the right time.

Engagement et fidélité

Improve loyalty

Engage your clients in a mobile experience and offer them the best services corresponding to their needs.

Augmentation des revenus

Increase your garage bookings

By building confidence and awareness, your clients use your services more often



This is the first step towards an improved knowledge of your customers and their cars. xMotion edits a mobile application connected to a small OBD device, easily installed by the driver via the car’s diagnostic port and compatible with almost all cars on the road.

Connection to customers
Visualise data


xMotion provides you with an online interface to manage your community of drivers and connected cars. At all times, your business knows the useage (mileage,…) of your clients cars, and can take appropriate decisions.


The algorithms and tools proposed by xMotion allow you to predict key operations (check-ups, replacement of key elements such as brakes or tires) by taking into account your client’s car usage and driving environment.

Predictive analyzes
Custom communication


Having analysed car and driver data and established segments for your marketing campaign, xMotion’s tools allow you to send personalized messages directly to the driver’s mobile phone, to propose the best offer at the right time.


Do you already have a mobile application or back office tools (CRM, DMS,…)? You want to promote your brand? xMotion’s technology can be integrated into your systems and allows you to put your own brand forward to benefit your business and your clients.

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Platform integration